MegaPulse 70+

Power. Flexibility. Usability.

Discover the benefits.

The MegaPulse 70+ is the newest addition to the Richard Wolf laser product line. The system is suited for a wide variety of treatment options and provides users with power, versatility, and an excellent cost-performance ratio.

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Power. Flexibility. Usability.

The High-Speed Holmium:YAG Laser

A large number of refined details significantly enhance handling of the MegaPulse 70+, increase safety and also save time in the operating room.

Developed to impress
Power: max. 70 watts. Energy: max. 5 joules. Frequency: max. 60 hertz.

The MegaPulse 70+ laser is ideal for stone and BPH treatment in urology as well as other interventions across a range of specialties, e.g. urology, gynecology, general surgery, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, etc.

Intuitive and convenient handling allows the user to easily navigate between three different clinically-tested modes:

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MegaPulse 70+

One system. Many options.

Stone therapy

Laser enucleation of the prostate

Thanks to its high frequency and energy, the MegaPulse 70+ laser can be used for fast and effective stone therapy therefore representing a high-speed system for lithotripsy.

SOFT TISSUE Mode’s optimized frequency and energy settings yield perfect results with "only" 70 W – e.g. in the case of a Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP).

Within EXPERT Mode the user has the flexibility to adjust settings according to individual requirements.

Overview of the system

Automatic laser fiber recognition – even in the packaging

  • RFID technology can identify laser fibers within the aseptic package - a direct connection to the laser is not necessary
  • Automatic recognition of the laser fiber diameter
  • When using multiple-use laser fibers this feature allows the user to gather the history of use before unpacking the fiber

Special Power Laser Fiber for more power output

  • 200 µm Power Laser Fiber – achieves an equivalent power output compared to a 272 µm fiber despite its smaller diameter
  • Ideal for flexible ureterorenoscopy

Double pedal foot switch

  • Orange and blue pedals can be used to easily switch for example between "Power Fragmentation" and "Popcorning"
  • An additional standby function allows the user to activate/deactivate the laser as needed

Automatic shutter at the fiber port

  • Prevents dust particles from entering the system
  • The shutter’s sensor-controlled, automatic opening facilitates handling with one hand

12" touchscreen display

  • The large display can be rotated and tilted. It allows all functions to be operated intuitively and all important information to be displayed at a glance
  • The touchscreen display can be folded up to protect display

Blast shield for additional protection

  • Filter between fiber input and laser rod 
  • Prevents contamination and can be easily exchanged

Complete in lithotripsy

The Richard Wolf turnkey package for lithotripsy comprises:

  • Flexible Sensor Endoscopes
  • ENDOCAM Logic 4K
  • MegaPulse 70+ laser
  • Large selection of single-use products

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Complete in BPH therapy

The Richard Wolf turnkey package for enucleation of the prostate comprises:

  • SHARK Laser Resectoscope
  • ENDOCAM Logic 4K
  • MegaPulse 70+ laser
  • PIRANHA Morcellator

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Power. Flexibility. Usability.

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